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A Tale of Two Sankes

Follow the photographic transformation of two exceptional Sanke from formative Tosai to maturity. One of the most exciting aspects of Nishikigoi Yearbook is that the extended magazine format provides the necessary space to look at important elements of Koi keeping in much more detail than would be possible in a conventional Koi magazine. In this feature w[...]

Koi Judging Challenge

We can! Not just is this great fun and always generates argument and lots of discussion and debate, but in this magazine there is a twist...We don't just give you the answers, we justify them and give you a detailed explanation of how the results were arrived at. There are no less than three of these highly stimulating and great fun challenges in Volume[...]

From Russia With Love

A fascinating look at the development of an alternative treatment for bacterial infections that doesn’t involve antibiotics. “Antibiotics work by destroying bacteria.  The problem is that with all living organisms the mechanism of antibiotic operation determines that, although the weakest bacteria are indeed destroyed, the fundamental law of nature - th[...]

The Heart of the Matter

This feature looks at visiting the Koi production regions of Japan and offers some practical, as well as observation, advice about where to go and when to go! “Nishikigoi as we know them are much more modern creations. While the notion of rice farmers carrying round their new cash crops in leaky baskets might sound romantic, the reality is that there wa[...]


This article explores the benefits of close observation of the fins of our Koi as a diagnostic and healthcare tool. “It’s often observed by students of mammals that eyes are the gateway to the soul. In Koi however, the indicators are sometimes a little more subtle. There is an equally crucial set of indicators, seven to be precise, on each and every one[...]