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“Refreshing Read”

“Nigel has hit a home run. The magazine is well put together for the first issue, the health articles written by Duncan Griffiths alone are worth the purchase. Base on what the AKCA has been producing lately, this publication is a refreshing read. Get it folks.”

Joe Hatfield, USA


“A Good Addition to Add to Your Shelves For Sure”

“I was pleasantly asked to do a review for this yearbook and here following are my thoughts.

Coming from a koi hobbyist of 6 years, when I opened the book I was diving in to not only read, but, to refresh my memory on some of the most very important aspects of the koi hobby. I wasn’t expecting to be able to learn as much or pick up tips to use in my own system and this surprised me a great deal. It goes to show we’re all constantly learning about these fantastic creatures.

The book has been put together with a lot of thought, and attention to detail. Nigel and Helen, have done a wonderful job as have the article writers in bringing not only some amazing picture to look at, but information in a digestible manor for all people within the hobby. I can’t fault their design or the book at all. And pictures, of course, we all love pictures, and there are many within this book. From touring Japan and what to look out for, to the wonderful pictures of Joe McMahon’s personal pond and first show win.

Keeping a Koi Pond isn’t always an easy hobby. When you get problems, you really get problems. I found in reading this book that some of those problems were well explained. Giving me, not only some fantastic and detailed pictures to refer to, but also more knowledge on the subjects I need to keep my fish, happy and healthy. Two of my favourite articles within the book are by Duncan Griffiths. One where we take a deeper look at a Koi’s respiration system. Very technical, but I studied Animal Care at university and this absolutely fascinated me. And the second on the use of CT, this also was very interesting. I’ve only had the opportunity to use this Medication once, battling costia and ongoing infections afterwards. This article helped me to understand what and how the chemical worked on a much deeper level.

The book also contained two other articles I found good to read. One on keeping Koi in Australia and the other on breeding in the USA. These were really informative and worth a mention because it’s something we don’t often get to learn of in the UK. As a hobbyist I found reading through this book a joy and a great experience. A good addition to add to your shelves for sure. And I do hope that there will be a new one out for next year too.”

Dawn Chapman, Koi Hobbyist.


“Very impressed and good value!”

“Got my copy delivered this week and have to say very impressed and good value!”

Alan Boyce


“Very interesting read”

“Very interesting read, from some very well known and respected authors”

Stuart W


“The subjects are diverse new and interesting”

“I received my first copy of the Nishikigoi yearbook today, what a first class publication, excellent in every way. I’ve only had a flick through but I can see many hours of enjoyable reading, even my wife who has zero interest in the hobby picked it up and actually commented on it’s quality and remarked on the ponds and fish displayed inside. It’s one of those magazines that are in dentists and doctors waiting rooms for years and years. The subjects are diverse new and interesting and I can’t wait to read it from cover to cover several times. I look forward to having a hundred volumes on my shelves but don’t think I’ll live that long”


“I can completely lose myself in a book”

“I’ve tried the electronic book and mag thing and its just not the same, having a book in your hand and turning a page in eager anticipation can not be replicated by a screen. There’s also the smell, feel and keepsake aspects of real page’s, perhaps I’m a sad aging and silly sod but for me it’s a real book or magazine every time. Waiting for the post to arrive with a book or magazine just adds to the thrill of expectation in my opinion. I can completely lose myself in a book but I’ve never experienced it electronically.The best thing about electronic reading is the page is remembered when you fall asleep.”

From www.koiforum.co.uk


“I can’t express how much I enjoyed and learned from this”

“I’ve just finished reading your magazine. I can’t express how much I enjoyed and learned from this, for me every page I turned was a learning curve. I would refer to this publication as an encyclopedia for the Koi hobbyist and not just a magazine.”

Gavin Harris, Fresh Water Filter Co Ltd


“WOW!!! I mean WOOOOOWWWWW!!! “

“I have just received (oh my, that is proper service!!) my copy of the Nishikigoi Year book from Nigel.

I will as promised give a proper review once I have had time to work my way through it, but on first appearance and having simply flicked through it…..WOW!!! I mean WOOOOOWWWWW!!! Had no idea the publication existed, and what a class product it is!! 200 Pages, Full gloss and Articles…..Lots and Lots of Articles, not just Adverts!

No idea how ofen this will be produced and hoping it isn’t going to just be “Yearly” as this is the type of Magazine/Book we have all been crying out for!!

So, thanks Nigel, and watch this space on my update on the actual content.”

Michael, West Midlands, UK


“What a great read!!!”

“I’d like to say that today I read my copy cover to cover, took me just over five hours. What a great read!!!

Some really really interesting and well written articles in there. I especially liked the Duncan Griffiths article about CT, the article about winter and feeding and actually all of it.

Great article about showing koi and what’s involved, never thought about it before, but hey you never know….

Yes some of the articles you get half way through and realise they’re written by the manufacturers, but hey still good reads.

I particularly liked the different articles around USA, Polish and Israeli Koi along with the controversial but constructive comments around koi shows.

What has it made me do? I’ve come out and given my koi some wheatgerm, I’m much more aware of the winter blues in regard to filter cleans and water changes and there importance for hitting the ground running in the spring and finally that my setups not all that bad but I need to keep my eye on the ball.

When’s the next one out, my tenner’s ready??? ”

Stuart, UK


“Credit where credit’s due it deserves a place on our shelves”

“For anyone who doesn’t know you get a couple of hundred pages of prime reading in a huge magazine format, only two issues a year but as I said I haven’t even finished last years volume one yet.

I haven’t got anything to do with the publication but am singing it’s praise because credit where credits due it deserves a place on our shelves.”

Extreme Koi Forum – March 2015


“Great value for money”

“Got my copy of volume 1 and volume 2. What a superb publication. Really impressed with the quality and quantity of articles. Great value for money.”

Extreme Koi Forum Member


“Can’t wait for volume 3”

“Just finished reading volumes 1+2 – absolutely fantastic reading. I’ve learnt so much on things I thought I already knew, can’t wait for volume 3, keep up the great work”

Paul H


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