This feature looks at visiting the Koi production regions of Japan and offers some practical, as well as observation, advice about where to go and when to go!


“Nishikigoi as we know them are much more modern creations. While the notion of rice farmers carrying round their new cash crops in leaky baskets might sound romantic, the reality is that there was no Koi industry until the invention of the humble platic bag in the mid 20th century. Anyone involved with breeding Koi will tell you there is nothing romantic or misty about trying to breed great Koi in the mountains of Japan – life is hard and so is the work. It is, always was, and remains to this day, that any degree of success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

Japan is one of the few destinations worthy of the much over used term ‘unique’. It is, in fact, much more than that – it has a way of entwining itself in to your consciousness in a totally positive, but consuming way. Some people go once and the itch is scratched – many more visit, are beguiled by its wonders and visit time and time again.”

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